another world, another dress

On visiting the exhibition ‘Another World’ at the Dean Gallery I found myself to get a deeper understanding of what ‘Surrealism’ truly is.  Beyond the exceptional collection of artwork by the likes of Dali, Magrrite, Miro and Man Ray on display at the museum, I found myself more and more fascinated by the concepts and thought processes behind the movement.

Where would we be now had the Dadaists not stated to question art, thinking of new methods and techniques to produce art in more unusual ways? 

My main inspiration came from this challenging approach to art, unconscious decision making and free flow of thoughts.  This encouraged me to question traditions within dress making and take a new approach to pattern cutting.

Why start with a pattern block which would be expected? From asking myself this question I stated designing in an unconventional way keeping in mind the idea of unconscious decision making and throwing this into my pattern cutting discarding of pattern blocks and scrapping the traditional idealism of what a dress should look like in terms of shape, construction, fit, size, volume and symmetry.

Does the world need another dress?  My answer is YES, but only if we as designers keep moving forward, challenging design and expectations otherwise how long can fashion survive on the same principals.  

Above and below are photographs of the dress I made in reaction to A 3rd year university project which was to be inspired by surrealism and a visit to the exhibition on surrealism at the Dean Gallery in Edinburgh.

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