a little about me

So I suppose I should say a little about myself now that I have establised my blog.  So, I do fashion had you not allready discovered that.  I will try and turn my hand to anything that I can get an interest in or at least make some pennies from.  I'm a bit late in starting up my blog so may have a bit of a jumble about with dates as I would like to put up some things I have worked on in the past hovever i'll try to keep it at least semi-current!  I HATE the mass marekt and vast consumerism but hey someone has to make money and who knows...never say never and all o' that.  Anyway I enjoy making new things from the old be it clothes, headscarfs, purses and even brooches of late. It's great to see what you can make from things that were destined to get dumped, there is also the added bonus that you are more or less allways creating a one of piece when making things like this. I'm allways gaining unwanted fabric and clothes from firends or family who don't want on need it, i actually can't say no.  (I think my mum is begining to hate me for this now that I am back staying with her in dundee for the summer, it's okay i'll make up for it.)

  So a bit more about me hmmm. I LOVE bob dylan (the list could go on music wise but i couldn't resist mentioning that fact) listening to music, dancing when out with friends, chocolate digestive biscuits, seeing movies, going to scott and patricks for tea!, holidays and of course making, styling and altering clothes!  That's all for now lovers, i'm sure more will sneak out as my blog continues. : )