jeans are pants made from denim, true story

These are a pair of jeans I made as a present for my boyfriend Dale as a reaction to gaining some inspiration from a denim project at uni (pictures to follow, I did not realise at the time that a 30 is a relatively small size for a men’s pair of jeans-I shall perhaps have to change the gender for the pics! or maybe take some flat ones, I quite like how they look)  Anyway, surprisingly I managed to convince Dale to let me take some photos of him modelling them and luckily I picked up this shirt in a charity shop a couple of days ago at a mere £2.  Bargain.  It was a bonus that it goes great with these jeans.  Main features include the dropped crotch silhouette, tartan lined pockets, contrasting top-stitching, contrasting denim and turn up’s.

one of the less awkward poses.....
goes well with these adidas vespa trainers but would equally go with a pair of fred perry's

close up detail of stitching
Hopefully I have not embarrassed Dale boy too much and he will be happy to do the same again soon. 

Watch. This. Space. X