new eddition

to my wardrobe and also the family...

 So the boots were another charity shop find, £4.50.  Needless to say I was happy at this as it is rare to find them in such a nice shade and also the fact that I would be paying a minimum of around £60 for a desert style boot in the likes of OFFICE.  The lady who was working in the charity the shop practically forced me to wear the boots home after seeing that they fitted perfectly.  She was very enthusiastic; maybe she’d had a quiet day.  The other half of the story concerns the cat formerly known as Veronica and now aptly named Simba.  Now residing at the Johnstone residence after my mother refused to own another cat (I personally thought it was the perfect opportunity after my dad’s cat 'un expectantly' had another set of kittens, this has happened before believe it or not.  I can't grumble really, oh apart from the fact that whilst the kitten was playing with my laces I noticed the sole of my new boot was coming away!! Not to worry, nothing a little bit of superglue won’t fix. x