wee visit to the national museum of scotland

Had myself a wee visit to Edinburgh with the mother on Tuesday, just fancied a day out and thought we might as well have a nosey in the recently re-opened/newly renovated National Museum of Scotland.  I have only visited it once before and did not realise it was so big as I was only there to see a specific exhibition on Jean Muir.  We just dotted about for a bit in the museum, I suppose you could have spent the whole day in there but we had some other things to do (such as eat drink and shop).  Lots of interesting things to see though and I will probably be popping back in for a visit soon.  Here are a few pictures I took whilst there...GOD DAMN GLASS CABINETS.  4 of the images below are part of my new wish list!

View from the balcony in the main hall.

Came across these old sewing instruments.  Crazy, can't imagine using these now.  From left, Buckle, pin, needle, small buckle and some buttons!

wish list 1: LOVE this old radio...I have been looking for something similar since.  Don't know where to buy one that is DAB, or is that asking too much!?

wish list 2: Traditional red telephone box, this one is for me and Dale's flat...that we don't have haha.

wish list 3: Now if they had bikes like this these days my car would be out the window.

Just for the comedy value really, I think these were a Turkish brides slippers.

wish list 4: These are just simply fantastic, would definitly try and work these!