best chocolate bar ever

Just back from a trip to London and Amsterdam yet I am posting about none other than the fact that Milka choco-swing is the best chocolate bar around - no exceptions.  It is basically a kinder egg with biscuit what more could you ask for.  I am truly Gutted that we only discovered it on our last day in Amsterdam, mind you that is probably a good thing at least for the waistlines.  

It had to be fate when we got to the airport and we had exactly 4 Euros 45 cent left and this was the exact price of a big huge bar of the stuff, you can't ignore fate that's all Iā€™m saying.

Maybe I should have been 'inspired' and blogging about all the sights we seen, the stylish kids around, designer boutiques, fashion, street art anything else really but hey at least I can afford this.  Maybe the rest will come later.

No promises. x