new kids on the block

We were asked as part of our University summer project brief to Design and make and outfit to wear on our return to the deep depths of 4th year.  The only requirements were that the outfit should define each  designers personal style and aspiration.   

Here is what me and my homeboy Scott Rennie came up with.  Hope you guys likey. 

SCOTT RENNIE ‘The outfit consists of a charcoal, light weight jersey jumper with an inverted cowl neck that can also be worn like a normal cowl neck and tailored skinny fit trousers that were made double the length to create the gathers. To accessorize I made the frame of a vest top out of silver chains to be worn over the jumper.’

On the other hand I would describe the outfit as simply bangin’ it speaks for itself really.  Stylish, contemporary and wearable.  The idea behind the trousers is fantastic and works so well. The cut of the trousers let the body do all the work I LOVE this aspect of the design.  They look hilarious when held up in the air, a bit of humour within fashion never goes a miss with me.  Here are some up close and personal snaps to sneak a look at.

I would describe my outfit as a bit of a MISH-MASH.  I spotted the trouser fabric in a shop a while back and really liked it so I swung by to pick some up once I heard about this project.  It just developed from there.  I have used a similar pattern for the trousers as I have used for a previous pair I made.  I suppose baggy, loose, oversized are elements that I would consider part of my design aesthetic. 

The jacket was made from a hand-me down baby blanket and material that had been wrapped around a bouquet of flowers for presentation purposes.  The story of the blanket caused a bit of hilarity for the family as to cut a long story short this blanket had been brought over as a gift for someone from America, it was then took to a car boot sale in an attempt to get rid of it which obviously proved a struggle and so on and so on.  The blanket finally landed itself into my Gran Newton’s hands and was then passed onto my big cousin Lisa for baby Penny.  After all this malarkey I ended up snaffling it from Lisa after saying I liked the fabric and here the story ends!  I turned up at my Gran’s for a coffee with my mum and she couldn’t stop laughing when my Gran said that she liked the coat without realising where it has actually came from haha.  I do love a nice little tale behind a garment.  I hope Penny isn't bitter about it; I was literally stealing from a baby.  Maybe I can keep it for years and hand it back down to Penny one of these days! Here are some more snaps for a closer look. 

chefter x