the only elephant at london zoo

my necklace

It's okay though I found another one on my travels around London town, I say travels...I'm not sure if being lost is included in that phrase.  Screw the iphone, I’d be happier with a paper map any day.  

Let’s just say I'm glad I didn't have these mamas below on my tootsies! (Excuse my ignorance - I can't remember who these shoes were by perhaps because I was distracted by the Paul Smith window displays across the road).  I only managed to get one photograph of the displays as it wasn't great quality through there glare and didn’t do them justice but I'll put it up anyway.  Very intriguing.

Paul Smith window display.

I wish our suitcase had roller skates on it : ( and I think Dale definitely does after opening the hotel door in Amsterdam to find this set of stairs!

 Nightmare X