Dominic Wilcox and 'The Power of Making' V&A

While in London last week I stumbled upon this guys work at the V&A exhibition ‘Power of Making’.   After looking him up online when I got back I found that he has so many cool and unique ideas.  His website is well worth checking out  

Below is the Dominic Wilcox design that was featured at the exhibition.  It is a glove casted from his own hand using a combination of latex, rubber and cotton.  Amazing.  I love the fact that it shows the nail and fingerprint detail, a great contradiction to anyone who would wear gloves to conceal their fingerprints and identity.

Here are a few more images and designs I have picked out from his website, i’ve not put too many so that you can explore it for yourself!

Close up -structure is made from little footballer figures.

A cage made to fit a bird!
Walking stick wrapped with whole thread reels.
Having been there initially to see the ‘Postmodernism style and subversion 1970-1990’ exhibition, I found the Power of Making really intriguing and full of innovative and cutting edge designs.  Here is one of my favs (mainly as I would love to ride this down Gala highstreet).  I couldn't get much imagery on it seen as photographs were not permitted and I don't have time to trawl the net and find them at the moment seen as I should be developing my graduate fashion collection!

Ben Wilson - Swarovski crystal low-rider custom bike. (image taken from
Other notable designs included a wooden textile by Elisa Strozyk.  3-D printers! I could not even begin to attempt a description of how that one works.  A life sized crochetdermy bear.  A very detailed patchwork shirt by Bronwen Marshal (also worth looking up) It is so precisely cut that it almost looks like digital print when in reality the shirt is made up of tiny little patchwork pieces and panels. TALENT.  Anyway I won’t go on any longer but definitely worth a little browse if your in and about London or will be soon.  Actually it is on until January 2012. Oh and it is also free.