Initial thoughts and scribbles on what my collection is about;

Looking at rioters, police, disguises, which then may lead to covers ups of other people other hooligans and such on.  I thought my contrasting themes would be something like violence/authority and maybe an interesting take on it e.g. violence within authority and authority within violence? So maybe things that police do wrong or sorts of wrongs doings within authority then I suppose within violence there may be a kind of hierarchy within gangs and such?  People taking the law into their own hands. 
· Vigilantes in the riots.  Some linked to EDL – Jumping on the bandwagon and hurling bottles at the police.  EDL right wing, anti Islamic fundamentalists-stirring up racial tension.  Some links onto football hooligan groups/skinheads etc.  Reaction to living boring everyday lives ‘living for the weekend’.  Adrenaline.  Breaking the mundane – step away from normality.  Is this what people strive to?  Order within their chaos.  Dominance hierarchy.  

KerrieALDOcollection, mob rule