Toiling madness

It's getting pretty close to our walkthroughs with the Mark Eley and our lecturers, i'm getting a bit nervous.  Actually I am not sure about the Mark Eley bit...that might not be until next semester.  It's going to be a busy week getting all the toile’s finished and ready to show annnnddd attempt to justify them!  Here are some more I have been working on lately.  I also started a shirt today - bit of a last minute idea to include a couple of shirts in the collection - quite excited about that actually. Anyway these are just a general idea I suppose and again mainly concentrating on the fit.  I have still a lot of work to do in terms of details/pockets etc and changing elements which are not quite working i.e. the coat at the bottom I am not quite sure whether the silhouette goes with the rest of the garments but I suppose time will tell....

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