You MUG.

For part of my course we have been briefed to create a magazine that tells the story of our research and sets the mood of our final graduate fashion collection.  It has to contain our own content and photo shoots as well as other material that supports our direction.  Here are a few test shots I have taken for possible use in my magazine.  I am concentrating mainly on the whole 'masking' idea of my theme.  The photos are yet to be cropped / edited - I will do this when I am working on the layout of the mag.  At the moment I am purely concentrating on the content, getting photo shoots together and thinking about the other content I can pull that will fit in with my theme/concept. 
These shots will be used as the first part of a photo shoot spread which might go over quite a number of pages.  After looking at football hooliganism as part of my theme I created a badge for the arm of this coat which says ‘MUG’ it is kind of a play on the whole branding associated with these so called ‘hooligans’.  I have a further idea for this shot which I'm not quite sure will work and look good yet but hoping to get it done over the weekend so I will keep you updated.  They look quite a random mix at the moment but I’m sure it will all come together in the end KEEP THE FAITH.  Thanks to Hamish for modeling.