a wash gone wrong...

Okay I will admit that I am slightly overconfident with shoving anything in the washing machine at the same time.  Blacks with whites, colours with anything...let’s face it I just never thought it made a difference, okay there was one time that I washed a cream jumper with a poppy on it, that didn’t turn out so well but that is not the point of this post!  

So anyway I made a t-shirt for a present and thought I’d give it a wash to freshen it up, this was the result.  I don’t know if you will believe that it was actually a nice size not that it has shrivelled up and fattened out!  If anyone needs a top for a really fat ‘small person’ I’m your woman!   So unless baggy crop tops for men come into fashion I am back to square one.

 Note to self: find out how to work the settings for a cooler wash.
KerrieALDObaggy crop top, shrunk, wash