Modelled by Michael Duncan (Dundee's next top model)

Above is a shoot of my graduate menswear collection a/w 2012.  The photographs were taken by myself in the same location as the film was shot, it was a lot eerier this time with only three of us present.  Safe to say  For a start there was a man in there when we got there (definitely up to something dodgy)  and every time a bird flew past or made a sound it was just creepy not to mention some of the disgusting things lying on the floor!  It wasn’t quite the same as being in there with a crowd of about 8 guys and 3 girls for the film.  Oh and did I mention that said dodgy man kicked away the wooden plank which was our exit, have a heart mate.  Anyway this is the result of the photoshoot which is in a layout for magazine spreads.

Thank you to Michael for modelling, Tasha for assisting and also to Danny for the camera lend!