a few things...

I've been up to the last few weeks.  Firstly was a jacket for my gran.  This had been requested a while back but she stated she was in no hurry therefor I had other orders and things that I took care of first.  It was a special request as the fabric which was to be used for the jacket was given to me as a long pleated skirt that my gran bought years ago.  She had the idea that it could be made into a dress or jacket which I was more than happy to do.  I love a bit of re-cycling. It's ashame that I didn't take a photo of it in it's original form! I hadn't dealt with matching checks much before as I normally only use in lining or small purses etc. so it was a bit of a challenge for me to attempt to match the checks of the tartan.  I think I did not bad for a first attempt.  Photos can be seen below.

pattern drafting

trying to figure out the sleeve checks (help was needed!)


This photo was taken after ironed...the pleats would

My Gran wearing the coat...although not quite finished here it's missing the buttons. It has been taken with a portrait my cousin done of my gran and grandad when they were young in the background.  I love that painting. 

Next is another coat I finished last week similar to one I have posted before but with an alternative lining.  I aim to make all the coats slightly different for the time being even if it is a small change.

vintage wool half lined
Close up detail

close up inside

And finally some little bits and pieces I was making today...

If anyone is interested in any of my coats don't hesitate to get in touch...kerriealexander@hotmail.co.uk

There are a few more on the horizon already, lets hope there is more interest to come!