Close up of new and improved hood detail
At KerrieALDO I am always looking to improve on the last collection.        Improvements can take place in any area from the pattern cutting stage, fabric choice, sewing and construction technique and adding another dimension or improving functionality.  One of the most recent improvements came along with the spring summer release of the new colour-ways in the popular festival pullover style.  

The silhouette remains in the key style, notable differences being fully lined hood, elastic detail at hood centre - to ensure a better fit when worn up in the rain, coat hook, fully packable into the front pocket - meaning the jacket can be tucked neatly into the front pocket when not in use with a handy loop for carrying and velcro fastening.  Take a closer look below.

The sky blue festival pullover
Amber yellow pullover
Amber yellow pullover - back view
Close up on the pocket which doubles up as pack-away bag
Pullovers fully packed into the front pocket


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