SPeX PisTOls x KerrieALDO

SPeX PisTOls (photo credit:Canan Marasligil - medium.com)
I have recently worked on some exclusively designed 'SPeX' cases especially produced for indie optical boutique 'SPeX PisTOls'.  The shop is situated in the Westport area of Dundee and offers a wide variety of designer, vintage and classic frames/sunglasses.  It's the coolest spex shop around - even Johnny Marr said so, so given the opportunity to design and make the cases, how could I say no?

If you are ever in the city be sure to give the shop a visit, but if not don't worry as they have recently launched their website which is pretty cool too - www.spexpistols.com

I am proud to say that we now have 4 variations of the 'SPeX' case, exclusively available in store.  Each case features a padded lining to keep your favourite glasses safe and a trusty popper to keep them in place!  They come in the following four styles and are priced at a reasonable £15;  Limited edition 'Frida' SPeX case, Jungle Tapestry SPeX case, Black Wax x Tartan SPeX case & Chestnut Wax x Paisley Lining SPeX case, you can see these in the photos below along with an insight into the making of the cases and a look at the updated tote bags which include a front pocket - upgraded from the original to fit your 'SPeX' case neatly inside.
SPeX cases in the making.
up close and personal

Grab a tote bag with pocket to match your SPeX case
How great does the limited edition 'frida' case look next to the olive green waxed tote bag?
All four styles that are available from SPeX PisTOls; Limited edition 'Frida' case, Jungle Tapestry, Black Wax x Tartan, Chestnut Wax x Paisley Lining.

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