Your Guide to ‘CUSTOM WORKS’

The ‘Custom Works’ service is designed in line with the brands current style and ethos.  As you may already know, every single KerrieALDO item is hand cut and made within our UK based with a turn around of 2-4 weeks, on average.

The purpose of this blog post to make the ‘custom’ idea more accessible and transparent.  I’d like to explain what is available within this service and answer any questions you may have and make your decision easier.

The idea is that over and above the range available at at any given time you may want something a little bit extra.  The general process involves picking a ‘base’ style from the current range or archives and then considering any adaptions that you may like to make.  These could be anything from a change of colour, fabrics or lining, custom embroidery of your name or initials, change of pockets, added fishtail hem, change of cuffs, detachable hood, different collar, added pocket and so on.

There is a minimum charge of £20 on top of any base style regardless of adaption.  Prices will vary depending on what and how many adaptions you would like to make.  (This minimum charge is £15 on kids orders).  I’ve listed a rough price guide to help with any decisions and provide a little more clarity on how it all works.  The best thing to do is pick a style as a ‘base style’ as a starting point.  If you do this the price will start at the ‘base style’ price and you can add on your adaptions starting at £20 extra. 

Price list;

·      Custom Embroidery, Initials from £20
·      Change of fabrics, from £20
·      Detachable hood, £20 -£40 dependent on base style
·      Change of pockets, from £20
·      Fishtail hem, £20
·      Cuff detail/finishing, from £20
·      Add inner pocket, from £10

Adaptions are not limited to the above details listed, all enquiries can be discussed by emailing me at

If you need your order for a specific date please just let me know when ordering.

Christmas orders cut off for custom is 1st December and cut off for all other web coat styles is 8th December.