STAYING TRUE TO YOURSELF & the urge ‘keep up’

STAYING TRUE TO YOURSELF & the urge ‘keep up’

I have built my brand on a strong belief that clothes should be loved, cared for and kept for years but I can’t help from time to time wonder if I should be ‘keeping up’ to date more.  I produce my collections as and when I feel they are ready and relevant.  This is generally once a year for a decent sized collection of new pieces or sometimes I will even miss a year.  The fast fashion industry is built upon an idea of disposable fashion.  It’s got you thinking that it’s okay to only wear a *insert piece* a handful of times or worse maybe only once.  If it only cost you 30 quid, then who cares, right?

I have spoke about these problems before and it’s not really why I came here to write about today so I will leave it out.  My issue today is ‘keeping up’ & staying true to yourself.

I strongly believe in the clothes I make, how they are made and the fabrics and ethos that I use, so why is it I sometime question myself into thinking I should be producing more, perhaps being more ‘trend’ driven or keeping up to date with the so called ‘fashion calendar’?  We all know that not many people shopping for clothes really NEEDS any more so why are some fashion houses producing up to 8 collections a year?  My pieces are designed to be trans-seasonal, worn year round and made to last.  They are functional and stylish yet practical.

If I push myself too hard to keep up the more likely I won’t be producing my best or most creative work.  Trying to keep up with fast fashion in particular is completely ridiculous from my position and perspective.  It means striping down ideas, fabrics, time and detailing to try keep up with price for a start (which is of course still not possible due to the terrible conditions and underpaid labor that much of it relies on, this isn’t just the bottom end chains but also some top end designers).

I guess the purpose of this post is mainly for me to get some of my thoughts out of my head and on to paper so that I can begin to use my own advise and look back on it when I do feel an ounce of pressure to perform in a way that is completely out of my business model and ethos.

Thanks for reading.