KerrieALDO x CRAYONCRAYON an interview


A while back the work of Valentin Blondel AKA @crayoncrayon caught my eye on Instagram.  After following from afar for some time, I had an idea and reached out to see if he might be interested in a collaboration.  

We both thought it was a good fit and it turned out he already knew of the brand.  The initial idea was for a collaboration piece, a custom illustration by Valentin which would be translated onto fabric and be used to signify our 'custom' made KerrieALDO pieces.  It was an exciting process and we both instantly had a clear vision of what the final piece could look like.  Valentin was a pleasure to work with and really went over and above to make the piece work.  We spoke often throughout the process and tweaked the idea as it developed until we were both happy with the final piece.  

The next stage was to sample.  After lots of  trial and error I decided that the illustration looked best on paper, it was at it's sharpest and you could really see the attention to detail that Valentin had created when the image was printed flat.  The same result was hard to achieve through printing either digitally or with screen printing.  You can see one of the test samples below. 

A digitally printed version of the logo Valentin created.


In the mean time Fay interviewed Valentin for the blog and here's what he had to say....

How did you and Kerrie go about designing the new label? Was it a combined effort?

Kerrie sent me an email few weeks ago asking me if I would be able to work on a new project for her brand.  I’d discovered her work on Instagram about a year ago and really liked the vibe of the brand (I’m kind of a jacket’s freak). I didn’t overthink it because the project sounded great!

Kerrie had something clear in her mind for the label which was helpful for me because I could start drawing quickly.

The final KerrieALDO x CrayonCrayon illustration.

How many times do you tend to draw a character until it’s right?

It depends, most of the time the process is quite straightforward, I draw a lot in my sketchbook quick ideas or shapes and when I catch something cool I start to redraw it and clean the things I do not like.  But Sometimes, I can spend a lot of time just on the body shape, on a curve or on the character details.

The style of your illustrations is instantly recognizable as your work, how did you develop your style?

I’d say few things, Pub, Cinema, Subcultures, Gigs, and good ales.  I like to think that my drawings are a balance between funny curvy unrealistic body and a hint of reality trough situation or clothing details.

'One Step Beyond'

What made you get in to illustration in the first place?

I’ve always drew but when I was in High School I got into graffiti for around 5 years, I spent time drawing letters and characters because I wasn’t happy about what I was doing at school.  After that, I finally went to an art school, and started growing my interest into drawing as work.

You have lived and worked in Belgium, Paris and now London. Have these cities influenced your work to a great degree?

Doornik (Belgium) and Paris have helped me to grow-up but I reckon that London has been the key point of my illustration’s work mostly because I’ve started to consider myself a a Illustrator since I’m here.

Who is another artist or illustrator that you find inspiring or would choose to work with if you could?

There’s a lot of different Illustrators that I find inspiring, Dominic Kesterton, Nicolas Menard, Simon Landrein and Pete McKee are some of them but also in another style there is Illustration by Antoine Marchalot, David Shrigley and Harry Wylde that I find quirky and hilarious.  If I had to choose one, I would say Nicolas Menard to work on an animation with him.

An example of Nicolas Menard's work.
Source -

I love the scarf series. What’s your favorite of your own illustrations to date?

I think my favorite illustration at the moment is my last poster, which is called People of London. It’s a composition from a sketchbook I drew during 2016 and redraw in the early 2017. I still need to get it printed.

What’s the best project you have worked on?

The project for Kerrie Aldo is one of them. I think the collaboration is perfect, my drawing fits pretty well with the brand.  I’m really keen to see it printed.

The final outcome. 
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Check out Valentin's work over on his Instagram page @crayoncrayon


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