KerrieALDO is an independent brand specialising in outerwear, each piece is handmade in the UK. In a time filled with mass-produced fast fashion, it is important to emphasise the expert craftsmanship, time and care that goes into each individual piece. KerrieALDO strives to deliver a quality product, hand crafted on an individual basis.

We create quality investment pieces designed for everyday wear, incorporating durable fabrics and hand picked linings sourced in the UK when possible and often choosing to use waxed cotton fabric from a fabric mill in the heart of Dundee, to create a unique, sustainable and bespoke product which is made to last. Quality and detailing is never compromised.

Each piece is hand-made in the KerrieALDO studio, which is based in Leeds. KerrieALDO is available exclusively online and we offer the option to order a fully customisable coat through the ‘CUSTOM WORKS’ orders page, it means that no two garments are exactly the same.

Quality handmade outerwear.

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